Regular and Irregular Noun | Definition Examples

Definition of Regular Noun

It is a plural noun and when we convert it to plural form by adding “s” or “es” at the end of that noun.

Examples of Regular Noun

Book ➡️ Books

Boy ➡️ Boys

Sparrow ➡️ Sparrows

Bus ➡️ Buses

Mango ➡️ Mangoes

Bench ➡️ Benches

Bush ➡️ Bushes

Shop  ➡️ Shops

Table ➡️Tables

Chair ➡️ Chairs

Definition of Irregular Noun

It is a plural noun when we make it plural we do not add “s” or “es” at the end of that noun but change the shape of spellings or two r more spellings get changed to different spellings.

Examples of Irregular Noun

Foot ➡️ Feet

Tooth ➡️ Teeth

Goose ➡️ Geese

Mouse ➡️ Mice

Child ➡️ Children

Louse ➡️ Lice

Ox ➡️ Oxen

Shelf ➡️ Shelves

Knife ➡️ Knives

Loaf ➡️ Loaves

Foot, Tooth, Goose, Mouse, Child, Louse, Child, Ox, Shelf, Knife, Loaf.

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