Letter to the Editor on increasing accidents on the roads

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper on rash-driving/ increasing accidents on the roads.

Examination Hall,


April 21, 2015.

The Editor,

The Frontier Post,


Subject: Rash Driving/ Increasing Accidents


Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I invite to the attention of the authorities and the public to the problem of increasing accidents on the roads. I think, the main cause is rash and reckless driving. Most of the drivers are inexperienced. They try to beat the other vehicles and drivers in order to earn more commission and win the race. Most of the roads in our country are uneven and the conditions of the roads are surprisingly bad. Majority of the turnings are narrow, blind and risky. A number of traffic signals are faulty. Corruption in traffic police is also a cause of accidents. I think the following checks can minimize accidents:-

a. The roads should be repaired and made even.

b. Signals should be installed at narrow and risky turnings.

c. Training schools for drivers should be established.

d. Licenses should be issued after proper trials. The drivers who violate traffic rules should be penalized.

e. Traffic sense should be inculcated among the people.

f. Police check posts should be set up at regular intervals.

g. Sudden raids should be made on the running buses.

h. Every crossing must be manned by some cop.

i. Police department must be purified of the black sheep.

Yours truly,

X.Y.Z. (Name)

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