Letter to Editor for problem of Street Begging

Write a letter to the Editor of newspaper for the problem of street begging. Letter to Editor for problem of Street Begging

Examination Hall,

AB.C. (City)

August 9, 2015.

The Editor,

The Pakistan Times,


Subject: Problem of Street Begging


I crave the hospitality of your column to draw the attention of the authorities to the evil of street begging. It is assuming an alarming proportion and needs immediate attention. It seems that begging has become a fashion as it is an easy way of earning. Many able bodied and healthy persons are following this profession. They are found in the offices, houses, streets, bazars, shops, parks and bus stations. They follow and pester the people everywhere. They are a cause of perpetual nuisance to the people of the county. I suggest the following suggestions to uproot this evil:-

a. Indiscriminate charity should not be made.

b. Charitable relief fund for the poor should be organised.

c. Poor-houses should be opened.

d. The public should play their role to run these poor-houses.

e. Able-bodied should be compelled to work on regular wages. They should be taught some useful trade.

f. Professional beggars should be penalised.

Yours faithfully,

XYZ (Name)

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