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Learn General Introduction to IELTS and information regarding courses and types/versions of IELTS Tests. Also, learn about general and academic IELTS

Abbreviated as;

I ______ International

E ______ English

L ______ Language

T ______ Testing

S ______ System

Learn General Introduction to IELTS and information regarding courses and types/versions of IELTS Tests. Also, learn about general and academic IELTS.


Abbreviated as;
I ______ International
E ______ English
L ______ Language
T ______ Testing
S ______ System

Definition of IELTS

“It’s a short course that provides skills to the individuals in getting beneficial tasks in foreign countries”.

Types/Versions of IELTS

It is of two types/versions.
1) Academic IELTS
2) General Training  IELTS

Academic is being used for academic purposes but General IELTS is used for general purposes.
For higher education/ studies Academic IELTS is used but in general workshops, general tasks, short diploma certificates, and in short courses General IELTS is Used.

There is a wast difference between Academic and General IELTS training.
There are four basic skills are used in both pieces of training.

Listening and speaking skills are the same in ACADEMIC and in General IELTS training. SPEAKING language of academic level is more difficult rather than General IELTS training. There is a tough reading process in Academic IELTS for university purposes instead of general works.

You should have to use only the English language for questions/ answers etc. But in general IELTS language being used is simple. For example, you have to ask for the prices of daily used items, for asking route to travel to your destination, etc. Writing tasks is also different for both academic and general training.

Academic ModuleGeneral Training Module
It is for students looking for entry to a university or institution of higher education offering degree and diploma courses.This module is for students looking for entry to a secondary school, to vocational training courses, or for people taking the IELTS test for immigration purposes.

Note: All candidates will have to take a test for each of the four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. All candidates undergo the same Listening and Speaking modules but may choose between the Academic or General Training versions of the Reading and Writing sections of the test. You should pursue advice from a teacher or a student adviser if you are in any doubt about whether to sit for the Academic module or the General Training module. The two versions of the test do not carry the same weight and are not interchangeable.

Writing task is of two types for General Introduction to IELTS.

1) Writing task one of Academic IELTS is to write a report, a paragraph, a diagram, a chart, an image, or any other type of data.

And in general IELTS training, you have to write a letter to higher authorities like postmaster, TMO, DCO, or chairman of the board, etc.
It should not be more than 150 words.

2) And the writing task two contains 250 to 400 words almost in each case (i-e Academic and General IELTS).

IELTS test is being completed only in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

IN which all four skills have been tested (i-e, reading, speaking, listening, and writing). Three skills reading, listening and writing are being checked in one day, one time, and one place, but speaking can be checked through the interview process after a week of the test.

This can be checked through a letter in which your time and venue are mentioned. Your reading would be consists of three passages. In which you have to read, comprehend, and gave the answers to about 40 questions in 60 minutes.

Similarly, for writing tasks 1 and 2 you have to give only one hour. Your listening time would be only 30 minutes. It is a total of 2:30 hours overall testing time.

Your speaking time would be only 11 to 15 minutes. In that time your introduction and questions/ answers are being asked.

Scoring or Grading System of IELTS General Introduction to IELTS:

Scoring/ grading of IELTS starts from 0 and ends at 9.

Zero means you do not have to know anything about the English language.

You are really intelligent and expert in language if you get 9 grades.

All four grades contain different numbers for foreign countries.

U.K, America, Canada, and Australia required such IELTS training certificates.

In General IELTS training grades also depends upon your skills and works and the time duration of foreign countries.

A total of 14 working days are required to complete this course.
There are 1100 points for the training of IELTS almost all over the world.

IELTS Test Format

Listening 4 sections, 40 questions 30 minutes + 10 minutes transfer time
  Academic Readings;                                                                            General Training Readings;  3(Three) sections, 40(Forty) questions        OR                              3 sections, 40 questions       60(Sixty) minutes                                                                                      60 minutes
Academic Writing                                                                                General Training Writing  2 Tasks                                                                 OR                                 2Tasks 60 Minutes                                                                                              60 Minutes  
Speaking 11 to 14 minutes
Total test time 2 hours 55 minutes 2 hours 55 minutes

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