Optative Sentences to Passive Voice

Optative Sentences to Passive Voice; Learn optative sentences to passive voice by definitions, examples, formulas, rules, tricks, and exercises.

Optative Sentences to Passive Voice

Students Learning Outcomes(SLOs)
Consequently, the students and learners will be able to learn about:
  • Definition and the Formula of Optative Sentences.
  • The formula of Optative Passive Voice Sentences.
  • Most Importantly, Rules and Tricks.
  • Also Then the Use of the subject with ‘may’.
  • Solved Exercise (Optative Sentences to Passive Voice).

Definition of Optative Sentence

It shows a prayer or a wish. It starts with ‘may’ or ‘wish’. The solution of these sentences is different because there are some different rules but the rules are very easy and straightforward. Therefore, follow the formula and rule to get the mark. Most importantly, keep in the mind the sequence of solutions.
May Allah help all of us.

Simple/General or Active Voice Formula Optative Sentences to Passive Voice

May + S + V + O
(May Allah help them.)
Passive Voice Formula for Optative Sentences to Passive Voice

May + O(In subject form) + 3V + by + S(In object form)
May + O + 3V + by + S
(May we be helped by Allah.)

Exercise for Optative Sentences to Passive Voice

We must keep in mind the rules before proceeding. Solve the sentences step by step similarly we have done before. The word ‘by’ is a default word because it is a part of the formula and written right before the object. Therefore, the following are the solved sentences.

May Allah help us in every case.  (A.V)
May we be helped in every case by Allah.  (P.V)
Without a doubt, may he get the first position  (A.V)
Without a doubt, may the first position be gotten by him.  (P.V)

May she live a long but pious life.  (A.V)
May long life but pious be lived by her. (P.V)

May particularly they earn good profit.  (A.V)
May particularly good profit be earned by them.  (P.V)

May our country achieve good GDP.  (A.V)
May good GDP be achieved by our country.  (P.V)

May my son get a good grading score.  (A.V)
May a good grading score be gotten by my son.  (P.V)

May the World get peace and prosperity.  (A.V)
May peace and prosperity be gotten by the World.  (P.V)

May the Government pave this way.  (A.V)
May this way be paved by the Government.  (P.V)

May the farmers earn reasonable crops outcome.  (A.V)
May reasonable crops outcome be earned by the farmers.  (P.V)

May I complete my project.  (A.V)
May my project be completed by me.  (P.V)

Remember: ‘May’ does not refer to Question here

May I purchase a new iPhone soon.  (A.V)
May the new iPhone be purchased soon by me.  (P.V)

May the poor also live a long life.  (A.V)
May long life be also lived by the poor.  (P.V)

May your child get a good height.  (A.V)
May good height be gotten by your child.  (P.V)

May this business give you your requirement.  (A.V)
May your requirement be given to you by this business.  (P.V)

May we solve this question in a moment.  (A.V)
May this question be solved by us in a moment.  (P.V)

May they win the bit.  (A.V)

May the bit be won by them.  (P.V)

May he get the loss in the business. (A.V)
May the loss be gotten by him in the business. (P.V)

May my son and daughter enjoy good health. (A.V)
May the good health be enjoyed by my son and daughter. (P.V)

May my mobile get good battery life. (A.V)
May a good battery life be gotten by my mobile. (P.V)

Remember: Use 3rd Form of the Verb Right After ‘be’

May the tailor stitch my shirt in time. (A.V)
May my shirt be stitched in time by the tailor. (P.V)

May the patient recover from the fatal disease very soon. (A.V)
May the fatal disease be recovered by the patient very soon. (P.V)

May he approach the officer for his matter. (A.V)
May the officer be approached by him for his matter. (P.V)

May the engineers develop an electronic car. (A.V)
May an electronic car be developed by the engineers. (P.V)

May the underdeveloped countries get a reasonable GDP.(A.V)
May a reasonable GDP be gotten by the underdeveloped countries. (P.V)

May the fresh graduates get the initial jobs soon. (A.V)
May the initial jobs be gotten by the fresh graduates soon. (P.V)

May the backward areas receive the best Government packages. (A.V)
May the best Government packages be received by the backward areas. (P.V)

May he get a good position in society again. (A.V)

May a good position be gotten by him in society again. (P.V)
May the owner treat all staff in the same way. (A.V)
May all the staff be treated in the same way by the owner. (P.V)
May he lead his life in the same way as his father. (A.V)
May his life be led in the same way as his father. (P.V)
May his neighbor also get the same job. (A.V)
May the same job be gotten by his neighbor. (P.V)
May he achieve his purposes as previously. (A.V)
May his purposes be achieved as previously. (P.V)
May he get his eyesight clearly. (A.V)
May he be gotten his eyesight clearly. (P.V)
May I write the article before the next session. (A.V)
May the article be written by me before the next session. (P.V)
You may learn the remaining tenses

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